19 November 2020

Face to Face Appointments with Council Planners

A drop in session is scheduled for between 3pm and 7pm Thursday 19th November at School of Arts Hall to allow residents to talk one on one with Council’s planners about their feedback and vision for their village. Booking is required due to the limitations that COVID 19 places on face to face consultation.  Appointments can be booked by calling 02 6333 6547 or email Maree.Neary@bathurst.nsw.gov.au 

11 December 2020

Survey Returns and other submissions return by date

Survey returns or any other submissions in relation to the background paper and draft vision

should be received by Council by Friday, 11 December 2020.

01 November → 11 December 2020


Community feedback on what they see as important character elements of the village social, environmental and economic.

Community feedback on the approach to future character – is it protect and maintain or enhance as it changes.

01 June → 29 July 2021

Public Exhibition: Draft Village Plan & Changes LEP, DCP.

Exhibition for 28 days. 

Mail out to the residents of the village and surrounding community. 

Community feedback on the draft village plan.  

Community feedback on proposed changes to the LEP and DCP. 

19 March 2021

Adoption by Council

Adoption by Council of Village Plan.  

Mail out to the residents of the village and surrounding community of adopted final plan.  Community is reported back to on their feedback and changes.