George & Howick St Roundabout reconstruction

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What are we doing?

The intersection of George and Howick streets will be reconstructed. The road pavement and stormwater drainage will be upgraded and a new roundabout will be installed, with work on the roundabout starting in February 2019.

In January we will relocate the water mains that are underneath the intersection to allow the roadworks to be completed.

The pedestrian crossings that are adjacent to the roundabout will be removed and replaced with pedestrian refuges. A mid-block pedestrian refuge will also be installed in George Street adjacent to Machattie Lane


January 2019
Water crews will commence work on relocating water mains that are underneath the George-
Howick Street roundabout. There will be some impact on traffic flows during this work. This will result in one lane of traffic being closed at a time, however the intersection will remain open during this phase of the work.
The anticipated timeframe of the works will be 5 weeks, weather permitting. Due to the complexity of the work and the existing infrastructure, the laying of the new water main will be difficult and this may affect the progress of the works.
We are starting the works in January as it is traditionally a quieter time of year and the works need to be completed before we start on the roundabout.
February - March 2019
The George-Howick Street roundabout will be closed to traffic while the roundabout is replaced and rebuilt. A u-turn area will be provided in each of the streets near the road closure area so traffic can access businesses along the blocks adjoining the roundabout.
Pedestrian access will remain throughout the works program.
The anticipated timeframe of these works will be 8 weeks, weather permitting. The work will be
undertaken by Council crews who will work extended hours to reduce the timeframe. The works will commence after school returns for 2019 school year and after the 2019 Bathurst 12 Hour.

How can people access businesses in the area?
There will be parking available in George and Howick Streets, but the intersection will be closed from 5 February. Motorists need to use Rankin, William and Russell Streets.

Why are we doing the work?
The roundabout was the first installed in Bathurst and the new roundabout will help improve safety at the intersection.

Traffic issues, including congestion in parts of George Street, has long been a source of
frustration for drivers. A series of investigations, including modelling undertaken on behalf of
Council by the RMS, considered all potential options to improve this site. The studies found that reconstruction of the intersection to modernise the roundabout, and remove marked pedestrian
crossings would ease congestion and provides the best solution.

Much of the current congestion is caused by the location of the marked pedestrian crossings at the exits of the roundabout. This causes traffic to queue through the intersection while pedestrians cross, and also creates the dangerous situation of pedestrians becoming complacent and stepping out in front of vehicles accelerating as they leave. Pedestrian refuges change the emphasis from the driver to the pedestrian, and increase awareness at the intersection.

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